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What is content management software?

Any website needs to manage its contents, there are some sites run by people manually defined by the term static websites and sites are managed automatically through management software content, these programs make it easier for the owner of the site to run the site without having to know programming languages or coding HTML.

Give me examples of reality about what can be managed by the phpTransformer!

  • a personal site
  • News site for television channels or radio or newspaper
  • Site provides interactive services such as images and audio and video
  • Government Websites
  • commercial sites
  • sites for associations
  • sites for clubs
  • sites for schools
  • Internal site for institutions

Who already using phpTransformer?

Currently there are two website on the internet running by phpTransformer, namely:

  1. Mayor of the town site of the Prophet Shit nabisheeth.org
  2. Site Fomako company for the manufacture of sponges and brushes and rubber foma-co.com

I want to set up a customer site to me, I will provide technical support and advice when I face a problem?

If you face any problem you can contact us on phpTransformer via the SourceForge.net site and will solve your problem as soon as possible If you want to personalize your new software additions or if you want technical support for an annual contract, you can contact us via obtaining a license through the technical support.

What assures me that in the future there will be continuity of support for phpTransformer?

The phpTransformer.net is a free open source program is subject to the license creative commons, it's free and anyone can share it and modify it with others but only to indicate that
he got the program from phptransformer.com and not to sell it,only use it by these same conditions later. This means that phpTransformer will continue to exist in the hands of people on a permanent basis and will not fall ill, illness or disease monopoly monopolistic corporate bankruptcies. If someone stops to support the project there will be people and is supported by other institutions. Is not the free software open source great?

I am a programmer, what phpTransformer will present to me of specifications?

phpTrabsformer offers you a global way of thinking, the separation of each program to be programmed separately from the rest of the site, and if you are a student studying under the jurisdiction of the programming is a guide to create Web applications are ideal.

I see that phpTransformer the best option for me, what cost me financially until I start working with it?

phpTransformer is free, but like any other site there is the cost of hosting, if also got free hosting site you will get a 100% Free!

I have a question I did not find the answer about it, how I can communicate with you?

You can fill the contact us form ,do not skimp us your question .

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0% Free Open source
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