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phpTransformer release version 1.5

Whats new in Release 1.5 :

* The core :
    phpTransformer now 60% faster, UTF-8 default languages files encoding and Cache system.
    Improvement in page numbers system , when display big search result.
    Ajax technique for statistic block and news bar.
    Fast sign up program.
    Security issue, replace stored hashed password by last session number in the cookies.
    improvement in setup program , adding three choices to import database: empty, sample and baladia.
* Admin control panel :
    Improvement in the appearance, the way to login and saving data.
    Adding new element to translate user and admin interfaces.
    Adding new element for caching system with cache empty features.
    Adding support request direct from the admin panel ,
    Thumbnails pictures for programs, blocks and Themes.
    When setup new program or block phpTransformer import data from data.sql file.
    Adding new "no specified date"  for the poll block news bar and news program.
* Pages program :
    Adding new option to insert link of the page in the MainMenu
* News program :
    Adding upload news picture automatically.
* Gallery program :
    Fix bugs and add pdf online reader.
* Themes :
    Improvement in the Default and Teck Themes, and phpTransformer can now accept changing theme from URL Get.

New Versions Roadmap :
* Write manual book for webmasters and programmers, insert help button in all pages with wiki links.

* Admin control panel:
        Auto update direct from the internet
        Add permissions to the admin control panel to enable distribution of work.
        Add keyboard short key ctrl+s to save info.
        Merge Gallery program with website files element.
        Add information policy to enable display user info to other users.
        Add option to save Website Log in zipped file or database.
* Add new option leaving account.

* Add new feature to modify php files (Plug-ins)    .

* Convert css and js files to php with file version.

* Add option to activate or disable flood protection system.
* Add new option in the pages program to set another page than page number one the default page .

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