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Version 2012.1

Improvement in the Module install the application if the application was installed on the root or within a sub-domain

Solve the problem of long links that cause error 400, now the title in the links must be less than 20 characters, and so on:
    The Main menu
    News Summary and detailed
    Replace the space between the words in the letter _ links

Major improvement in the listing:
    When you delete a page is deleted permanently from Main Menu block
    Improve the way items are displayed in ascending order the listing in the Control Panel own
    Solve the problem of the emergence of the listing title after the addition of new language titles on the previous

Updated version of tinymce 3.46

News and pages applications
    To allow the admin to use all tags

Application of welcome
    Repair damage of page in the welcome application if user requested language not available.

Block freeBlock
    Was modified file directory location of index from address (Get)

Add option to create an unlimited number of free blocks automatically

The application of news:
    Status of the writer's full name instead of nickname.

Block member account:
    Add a link to the Admin Control Panel in the member account block if user a member of admins

Application of the Gallery:
    Add upload files immediately from the Admin Gallery Control Panel without having to go to the File Manager.
    Add the option of creating a folder in the current location.

Admin Control Panel:
    Add icons to the Gallery and News in the Home page.
    Solution of problem have access to the application if the application is the same as the main one.

Layers menu:
    Solve the problem of adding the current language on the external links.

The application of ads:
    Solution of the problem if there is no list of prices prescribed by the admin

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