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Our partners in success gave us what we need to succeed the project and let phpTransformer see the light, those who provide
the bones for human development and should help us to tell them what they deserve! They are already free.

  • MySql company which provided us with database engine more efficient at all, according to the latest Statistics website.
  • site programming language, which is still developing and supporting the best language to create a website has all the power crisis to continue.
  • W3C organization which provides service compatibility codes HTML.
  • Famous web pages browser FireFox which we strongly recommend to use.
  • Do you forget someone?
  • No, my wife! Yes those that bore the evenings programming and problem-solving away of her, and support me till I success.
  • And my father who taught me to put that out of this project to this point.
  •  All who try, and used, and spoke about the project and support it in any way, all our partners in success.

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