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With the beginning of the development of phpTransformer we thought to create Logo contains features of the project and shows them and be distinctive and can not be confused with the logos for other projects, to be practical and can be used in different sizes, and shows the following characteristics of the project.

  • Globally of project, that works in all languages of the world, so we choose spherical shape of the earth
  • the program's ability to manage different types of sites, mean it's transformer therefore we choose the vectors.
  • The Support of program to different forms and designs, so we choose the multi-colors

Visualization with the first word characters inside php, Manual


Adding colors, Manual


phpTransformer Logo
After a series of experiments, we found that the output of the word php from the graphic and put it abroad will give a more aesthetic and Senstttia phpTransformer write the word in full, and we replaced the arrows with creative arrows, we adopted the slogan that encourages the teamwork idea : brains better than one.

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